Kurin MY

Kurin Air Purifier 2

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  • Kurin High Efficientcy 99% PM2.5 HEPA Filter(Japan)
  • Kurin Anti Bacterial Pre-Filter , High Efficientcy 99% PM2.5 HEPA Filter and Bio Activated Charcoal Filter 
  • Japan Air Quality Sensor(AQI) Lightning Fast 0.3ms Speed Sensor
  • Intelligent Energy Saving Mode (As low as RM1-4 per month of electric consumption- Based on 24 Hours 30 Days constant running) 
  • High Efficiency in trapping bacteria, allergens, dust, haze, animal furs and purify air.
  • Kurin 5x Strong Ionizer ability to purify air and neutralize bateria and harmful air pollutant instantly.
  • Dual Air Channel Technology allowing air to be ventilated and circulated rapidly thus bringing fresher air to the room with CADR rated at 410.
  • Ergonomic design that are safe for children and baby. Turbine are fully covered with round edge children safe grade material.