Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the replacement Filter ? What is the lifespan of the filter ?

Kurin Filter which include BacShield Prefilter, PM2.5 HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter is priced at RM70. We recommend to change once a year depending on air quality of your area.
Changing filter is very easy as you just need to take the old filter out and put the new filter in.

2. Can I wash the filter ?

Unlike air conditioner filter which uses traditional net filter with big hole, Kurin Filter utilize the technology of HEPA micron filter. Washing the HEPA filter may damage the structure of HEPA filter as HEPA has micron size hole to prevent air pollutants to bypass it.

3. How much is the energy consumption of Kurin ?

Kurin has Smart Energy Saving System(SESS) which adjust it turbine based on its surrounding air quality to save energy. Energy consumption level is lower than conventional air purifier. If Kurin is switch on for 24Hours and 30days, electricity bill will only cost you extra RM5.70.

4. What is the noise level of Kurin ?

Based on feedback from over thousands of users, there is hardly any noise produced by Kurin air purifier. Noise level is anywhere between 25-45dB. To further reduce the noise level, night mode can be activated to lower the noise level which can be hardly heard even in very quiet environment.

4. Where is Kurin Air Purifier Manufactured ?

Kurin Air Purifier is manufactured from top air purifier manufacturer in Japan. Strict quality control and manual testing ensure all air purifier are at tip top condition. Kurin has 0.5% defect rate which is way more lower than industry standard.   Filter is manufactured by well known HEPA Manufacturer in Japan.

5. What is the Warranty term ?

At Kurin, we believe that after sales service is what make us difference from our competitors. We provide 1 Year Warranty if Kurin is malfunction.