Kurin Airmed V2 x2 Unit (Without Free Gift) - Instalment

Kurin Airmed V2 x2 Unit (Without Free Gift) - Instalment

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Bedroom is full of dust? Is morning sneezing, itchy skin, eye allergy or sleeping difficulty bothering you?
Kurin AirMed V2 is your saviour to improve all these issues by creating healthier environment.

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About AirMed V2:
🌟WIFI Function complement Smart Home technology
- Complement with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri.
🌟H13 HEPA Filter (Japan)
- High Efficiency, filter up to 99.97% pathogens & dust.
🌟Intelligent Energy Saving Mode
- As low as RM5-9 per month of electric consumption- Based on 24 Hours 30 Days constant running
🌟5x Strong Ionizer
- Purify air and neutralize bateria and harmful air pollutant instantly.
🌟Dual Air Channel Technology
- Allowing air to be ventilated and circulated rapidly thus bringing fresher air to the room with CADR rated at 410.
🌟Ergonomic design
- Safe for children and baby. Turbine are fully covered with round edge children safe grade material.

3-Stage Filters:
1️⃣ Anti Bacterial Pre-Filter
2️⃣ High Efficiency 99.97% HEPA H13 Filter
3️⃣ Bio Activated Charcoal Filter

With Japan Air Quality Sensor(AQI) Lightning Fast 0.3ms Speed Sensor, it able to do real-time air quality detection,
you know what you breathe in!

Suitable for people who own pets, have allergy and busy with work, help in trapping bacteria, allergens, dust, haze, animal furs and purify air.

🏅CADR: 410m3/h
🏅Coverage area: 450 sq ft
🏅Noise level: 25-45 dB
🏅Product Dimension: 19 x 19 x 38cm
🏅Weight: 3kg
🏅Rated Power: 35W

What you'll receive?
🫶 1x AirMed V2 Air Purifier
🫶 1x HEPA-13 Medical Air Filter
🫶 1x AC Power Adapter
🫶 1x User Manual

FREE 1 year warranty💯